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Video about sexy makeup looks for brown eyes:

Matte Brown Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Sexy makeup looks for brown eyes

Then fade it out with a lighter brown, pink, or other color you want to incorporate into your look. Apply liquid, glitter eyeliner in black. You can pull off any look from natural to dramatic. Bold liner Spanish actress and model Penelope Cruz looks sultry and sensual with her bold eyeliner and soft, matte, taupe-colored eye shadow. Put on a black lash-defining mascara to accent your eyes without looking overly made up. Plum ranks high on the list of alluring colors to pair with brown eyes. If your skin is dark, avoid matte pastels, which can look too chalky on deeper skin tones.

Sexy makeup looks for brown eyes

Winged eyeliner and big lashes English actress Gemma Arterton looks effortlessly glamorous with her dark, winged eyeliner and big upper lashes. Her eye shadow encircles her eyes, making them stand out even more. Was this page useful? Purple Liner Step away from ordinary black pencils and break out the purple! Mila Kunis Makeup for Brown Eyes: For thin, meticulous lines, apply an eyeshadow primer or oil-free foundation beforehand. Jennifer Lopez Makeup for Brown Eyes: Leave a comment in the section below. If you want something more understated, or suitable for a wider range of occasions, look for a creamy nude lip shade to counteract the intensity of the eye shadow and a subtle pinkish blush. Create Eyes That Sparkle Using just liner and mascara on your eyes will give your dark eyes a subtle definition and barely-there drama. If you have very dark eye makeup, keep your lips subtle, and if you have bold and bright lips, keep your eye makeup subtle. This allows the eyes to remain the focal point of your face and doesn't add any shocking color that would take this from natural to bold. Golden Goddess This step by step eye makeup tutorial makes a statement. Simply blot it down to a stain if it feels like too much color for the office. Finish the look with a pair of false eyelashes. Classic sooty eyes Bulgarian-Canadian actress and model Nina Dobrev looks smoking hot with her classic sooty eye makeup. Opaque true reds will also be flattering and might just be what you need for the workplace. Kim Kardashian Makeup for Brown Eyes: Cat Eye The cat eye line is suitable for both daytime and evening occasions and enhances any eye shape or color! Emma Watson Makeup for Brown Eyes: Get creative and find which looks suit you — mix different colors and textures while following our guidelines and you may come across an amazing, unique makeup look! Leave your lower lashes bare for a more striking, flirty look. Everyday and Special Occasions Eyes This bold eye color makes it perfect for special occasions. This makeup look is perfect for a summer night out. Prev 2 of 4 Next Related Post. In reality, the right amount of white can suit brown eyes beautifully while giving off that subtle, sexy look.

Sexy makeup looks for brown eyes

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  1. Soft and smoky eye shadow American-Israeli actress Natalie Portman looks utterly gorgeous with her soft, smoky eye shadow and subtle lashes.

  2. The key to this look is to make the smudging look intentional, and not as if you accidentally rubbed your eyes and messed up your mascara! Carey Mulligan Makeup for Brown Eyes:

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