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Video about prison sex torure:

Torture in American Prisons

Prison sex torure

I rejected all these charges but I admitted taking pictures of martyrs and destroyed houses and posting them on my Facebook page. They brought us a kind of jam for breakfast. A former prisoner called Shiyar told of being beaten as he hung by his wrists, feet dangling in the air. Never miss an update. I bit on it," he said.

Prison sex torure

I claimed I was too scared to help them with such things. I was hung from my left hand, my shoulder was dislocated. In April , opposition activity increased in the southern areas of Damascus, and we formed a group of activists. The video forms part of its report It breaks the human: Rihab was late coming back that day so we thought she was released. Salam Othman, a lawyer from Aleppo, spent almost two and a half years inside the prison for organising peaceful protests. Men were allowed to shower only once a week for two minutes and to go to the toilet only once or twice a day, after a lot of pleading with the guards. Supplied trending in world. She was transferred and locked in a dungeon. She was called for questioning and when she was leaving the cell she looked at us as if saying goodbye. Everything was hurting, so I couldn't tell if I had been raped. I even educated myself about nursing to join a local field hospital. I spent almost 15 days with her. When he went out I hid my camera in an old fridge. I was brought to court nine times and sentenced to 14 months in prison. Our families smuggled money to us through some corrupt officers in return for a certain commission. For some, the lingering psychological effects are even worse, leaving them unable to cope with work or family life, the report said. Inmates were subjected to brutal torture. I used to take pictures and videos of the raids and the demonstrations, and if there was a raid I would rescue the guys because the regime avoided arresting girls. I even began to transport medicine in secret. There was also Rihab Allawi, an engineer from Deir Ezzor in her mids. I rejected all these charges but I admitted taking pictures of martyrs and destroyed houses and posting them on my Facebook page. They also reported massive overcrowding and having to take turns to sleep. During the questioning at Division , they dressed me in something to completely cover my face and four or five investigators sat in front of me at a table. One of the soldiers grabbed me and took me to some old houses and an alley where I saw dozens of dead bodies. A few days ago I saw her picture among the corpse pictures that were posted recently.

Prison sex torure

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  1. Like other international monitors, the group was barred from carrying out research inside Syria.

  2. One described how a guard forced two men to strip naked and ordered one to rape the other, threatening that if he did not do it he would die. AFP Many of the former detainees bear the scars of their ordeal in captivity — badly healed bones, nerve damage, the puckered marks of cigarette burns.

  3. Sometimes prisoners defecated on themselves. In Adra, which is a real prison, unlike the intelligence divisions, the situation was a little better; family visits were allowed and they could bring food and money.

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