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Video about indonesian lawmaker sex video:

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Indonesian lawmaker sex video

The news website lists a "Hazairin Pohan" as its senior advisor and a "George Toissutta" as its editor-in-chief. They have pushed through several controversial laws - including the pornography law. We need to make sure we're not violating any privacy laws. Fifty-year-old Arifinto, who like many Indonesians goes by only one name, apologised to his constituents on Monday and told reporters during a hastily arranged news conference he was stepping down from Parliament immediately. He was caught watching the video clip for several minutes as fellow legislators debated plans to build a new parliament building. Some commenters said Arifinto should be prosecuted under the anti-pornography law that took effect in despite opposition from the public and some members of the government. Then again, they're politicians.

Indonesian lawmaker sex video

Though most are moderate, a small extremist fringe has become more vocal in recent years. They have pushed through controversial laws - including the tough anti-porn bill that went into effect in despite strong opposition from the public and some members of government. The one-minute video was initially available for download on an obscure website, kilikitik. I haven't seen the video but I have closely looked at photos of the clips taken from the video. He has fallen on his sword, announcing his resignation in a press conference. The blurred images have been published on the front pages of newspapers almost daily, and reaction has set alight social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The case has transfixed this predominantly Muslim nation, dominating headlines and discussions on Facebook and Twitter. When and if we need an expert, we will find someone from outside of the House who really knows how to do the job," he said. University of Indonesia political analyst Iberamsjah said if the person in the video was not Aria, then the distribution of the video was cooked up to attack Aria for his outspokenness. Arrests National police spokesperson, Boy Rafli Amar, said on Monday authorities were still trying to determine if Arifinto broke the anti-pornography law and what steps to take next. The news website lists a "Hazairin Pohan" as its senior advisor and a "George Toissutta" as its editor-in-chief. However, the police reportedly are unsure if he actually broke the antiporn law. They'll rail against drunk drivers, just before being caught driving in an intoxicated state. Observers have speculated that the video might be part of a deliberate smear campaign directed at Aria, one of the PDI-P's most outspoken politicians and a frequent critic of President Susilo Bambang Yudho-yono's policies. Abbrescia is clearly a politician of some dexterity, as he blamed his lack of familiarity with the iPad--as if the machine had somehow generated a little porn for his parliamentary delectation all on its own. But none, surely, has offered more food for cognitive dissonance than an Indonesian politician who, like Brazilian soccer players, goes by the name of Arifinto. We need to make sure we're not violating any privacy laws. Karolin's father, Cornelis, the incumbent West Kalimantan governor, is seeking reelection this year. Critics on the social networking sites have blasted the lawmaker, with some calling him a hypocrite and others saying he should be prosecuted under the pornography law he helped pass. And then there are the ones who would cheerily declare that sex is a frightful thing, while themselves indulging in all sorts of carnal behaviors that might make their constituents blush or envy. As for the man, I have yet to confirm that it is [Aria] because the video does not show enough of him," Roy said. I suggest that the council soon begin an investigation to clarify the rumors. Last year, the editor-in-chief of Playboy Indonesia was given two years behind bars. Prakosa denied that the council had consulted with Roy. Roy said that he met with the ethics council's leaders on Tuesday to discuss the video, claiming that the council contacted him soon after he arrived at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport from the Netherlands. You see, Arifinto helped in the passing of a severe antiporn law in his country. This photograph of Jakarta was taken by someone with the Flickr handle "Thrillseekr".

Indonesian lawmaker sex video

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  2. The one-minute video was initially available for download on an obscure website, kilikitik. Prakosa said that he would not accept the video as authentic without verification.

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