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Inside Germany's Sex Supermarkets

Foreign sex trade

Secretary for Security John Lee Ka-chiu rejected the suggestion, saying prostitution in the city was already under control. In addition, research has shown that immigrant sex workers were more likely to work in entertainment establishments such as bars and cabarets rather than from the streets because of their preference for an environment with more anonymity and less exposure to immigrant officials. Table 1 Comparsion of entertainment workers who engaged and did not engage in selling sex by sociodemographic and environmental characteristics, — Independent variables. Despite the existence of licensed brothels in Singapore, many women still end up working illegally, including in an unknown number of unlicensed brothels. The appropriate responses were entered into a hard copy of the questionnaire immediately after leaving the premise to facilitate recall. He also watched out for the safety of his team. They probably knew that sex work in entertainment outlets is illegal. The findings would help provide the rationale for policy attention and resource allocation to prevent and control STIs at the national and regional levels in Asia. The high STI rates among these foreign female entertainment workers raise concerns, but little is known about their risky sexual behaviors.

Foreign sex trade

Wan Chai, on Hong Kong Island, has long been the unofficial red-light district, with bars and discos popular among Western clients, while Mong Kok in Kowloon is known more among locals for its illegal brothels and streetwalkers. In fact, we came across situations where the women themselves would suggest selling sex to the mystery clients. But even as an independent worker, a good amount of my earnings is spent on advertising. Two years ago, police arrested more than 5, unlicensed sex workers — mostly foreign women visiting on tourist visas. All those who reported selling sex were Asian foreigners. Trying to eradicate vice is always a futile effort Vanessa Ho In another indication of how the government is trying to keep a lid on illegal activity, the Ministry of Home Affairs said last month it had recorded a 40 per cent rise in the number of unlicensed massage parlours in Singapore between and She entered the sex trade 12 years ago when she needed to support her children after getting divorced. Chinese nationals, Thais, Filipinos, Indonesians, and Vietnamese. Women working these brothels are also required to hold a licence, issued by police. Data Analysis Quantitative data were analyzed using the Stata 10 software. After all, says Jaafar: The survey was conducted on weekdays and weekends and at varying operational hours of the establishments to reduce seasonal variation and selection bias. About one third were students or unemployed. Variables in Questionnaire Entertainment workers were asked by the mystery client what they worked as in the entertainment venue—three non-mutually exclusive options were given: Methods The survey was conducted between May and April on foreign female workers in entertainment establishments in Singapore. Sex Work Three hundred seventeen female entertainment workers were interviewed; of these, I am not just a prostitute. A training manual was provided to all interviewers, and this was followed by on-the-ground training led by experienced interviewers in small groups of two to three persons. They were also trained on standardized procedures on how to initiate conversation with the entertainment worker. In the first approach, interviewers approached the women with identification cards and asked them to participate in a survey on sex work. Freelancers like Jaafar solicit on the streets, advertise their services online, and work under the cover of escort agencies. A recent study in Vietnam found that female bar and karaoke workers engaging in sex work reported lower condom use with customers than massage parlor and street-based sex workers. The high STI rates among these foreign female entertainment workers raise concerns, but little is known about their risky sexual behaviors. As the questionnaire could not be displayed openly, the following steps were taken to reduce recall bias. Our earlier studies 9 , 10 on brothel-based sex workers found that developing their skills in negotiating condom use with clients led to a significant increase in condom use with them.

Foreign sex trade

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  1. The mystery clients working in teams of threes, with two men and one woman, entered the entertainment establishment and sat at the same table. Singapore, an island city state in Southeast Asia with a population of 4,, 21 has, in recent years, experienced a rapid growth in entertainment establishments such as karaoke lounges, night clubs, discotheques, and bars.

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